Welcome to eduextractor’s documentation!


Eduextractor is a python package designed to help extract and transform data that is related to education vendors in the United States. It is part of the [OpenEduConnect](http://openeduconnect.org) stack.

Currently, eduextractor supports two backend to load data from. Powerschool and the NWEA Map exam. More sources are coming soon.

To install, simply run pip install eduextractor. To configure, you’ll need a file at ~/eduextractor.yml that contains login creditials for the various backends. Here is a sample:

url: your_nwea_map_site.org username: your_user_name secret: your_password dest: ‘/path/to/dump/the/files/’
host: username: PS_Username password: Your_PW dbname: PSPRODDB (most likely)
host: username: password: dbname:

Once that is configured, run eduextractor on the command line with the various options to extract your data.

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